Participating Products

The below models are participating products:

Product Model
the Fresh and Furious BBL620SIL
the Juice Fountain Cold Plus BJE530BSS, BJE530DBL
the Juice Fountain Cold XL BJE830BSS, BJE830BTR, BJE830SIL
the Q BBL820SHY
the Smart Kettle Luxe BKE845BSS
the Smart Oven Air Fryer BOV860BSS, BOV860BTR
the Soft Top Luxe BKE735BSS, BKE735BTR, BKE735DBL, BKE735GSP, BKE735OYS, BKE735PTS, BKE735RGP, BKE735SHY, BKE735SST
the Toast Select Luxe BTA735BSS, BTA735BTR, BTA735DBL, BTA735GSP, BTA735OYS, BTA735PTS, BTA735RGP, BTA735SHY, BTA735SST